Preliminary Research for Idea #1 Continued

This week I started to look at similar projects which address sensitive subject areas such as disabilities as if I progress with the Suffering in Silence idea around speech disorders then how I deal with and address the issue is something I will need to carefully consider so as to not cause any offence or give off the wrong message

If I develop this idea further then I want to ensure I am approaching the subject in a positive way; my aim isn’t to draw on the negatives instead, I want to pay attention to how we can embrace speech disorders and promote a confidence for people to speak out.

I found some really interesting material online about adverts creating awareness for disabilities and sensitive topics. I looked at some Channel 4 content, since the broadcaster has announced 2016 as ‘the year of disability’, they have produced a great deal of content and promotional work around the sensitive subject of disability particularly in the run up to and following the success of the recent Paralympics.

There was also an interesting article I stumbled across criticising Saatchi and Saatchi’s ‘ad of the year’ which tackled the sensitive topic of Downs Syndrome.

How Could The Ad of the Year Be Such a Loser?

This article really encourage me to think and carefully consider how exactly I would address people who stammer




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